how do i make it pretty

I have no idea what I'm doing. Is anyone reading this? Hi. What the fuck is happening? You people all know how to do this shit? Holy crap.
I knew coders were geniuses, but this is insane. I have no idea what most of these symbols and characters and Things mean on here.

Placeholder image, and some more placeholder text! I'm realizing that I hate coding, but I still want to make a pretty website. This shit is so damn TEDIOUS (and confusing). Do you guys genuinely enjoy this?

I actually hate coding so fucking much; I have to ragequit after ten minutes of effort, but check this out.

I'm so annoyed.
But, I think I've basically made it a goal to just add at least one stupid thing onto this site every day—or, at least, to the coding—no matter how simple or dddddddumb.
Enjoy it. I won't.